Before the movie stops

Before the movie stops

Live in a ghetto, with a basketball
Tryin’ to get better, tryin’ to get a moll
So buyin’ a nice car, buyin’ a suit
And a golden watch, and elegant white leather shoes
Eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth
Take what you can get, protect what you can lose
Now everything is nice and fine and you can show the world Here I Am
I’m man with a heart and a soul and a body in a good suit
So with your well trained muscles and your Ray Ban glasses you’re riding
around through the streets of the ghetto, leaving all things behind
While in your head in your head
Between the boomboomboomboom
(the music boxes in your Japanese car)
A voice is whispering
Like a well known vision, like a television preacher in a room next door
That one day for one man
The movie stops
Oh the movie stops

Running around, turnover roles
When you’re under the ground
it doesn’t matter at all
We are all partners in crime

Now you live in the suburbs, with a golf club card
Trying to make birdies, in your own backyard
Eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth
You’ve got a fantastic housewife, with spastically moods
And everything is nice and fine with your lovely kids and the dog you precisely wanted
And a good job and a good home and real friends and enough time to see the world you now the world you’re a nice guy you have a white smile and traveller cheques and Ray Ban glasses
So why should you stop here,
why shouldn’t you go
You could be famous, make yourself
well known
Making the change, taking the risk
For again and again and agagagag,
there is a voice in your head
Like a cheap song like an advertisement phone call
during a good fuck it says to yourself
That one day for this man
The movie stops
Oh the movie stops

Running around turnover roles
Learn from the clowns that we’ve got no soul
Be a master of time

Are you beloved, will they remember your name
How many hits you’ll have, how many vows you’ll break
Before the movie stops

Samples: Byron Spears