Mrs. Henry (Visiting Sue)

Dear Mrs. Henry is putting on her light blue hat 
She always wears on Sunday -even if it rains-
She packs up the biscuits in her safe old plastic bag
While walking to the car on a muddy lane

And she looks in the mirror before she turns the car key on
To be sure that there is a smile on her wrinkled face
It’s half an hour driving;  she can repeat all the sentences
She’s saying to her daughter, day by day

She’s visiting Sue

Dear Mrs. Henry enters the room which is made so cosy
Gives the biscuits to a nurse who is passing in the hall   
She greets all the patients,  straights her back and is walking slowly
To a girl in the corner, near a rubber wall

She’s visiting Sue

And here will Mrs. Henry take the hand of her only daughter
And say some calming words while she knows that that’s in vain
The big head of the girl is beating constant on the rubber
The only sign she gives since thirty years the same

Visiting Sue