Tracey (He is so glad)

His old  heart beats 
in its last hour; it ends
There’s no need to warn a doctor 
No need to call a friend
But he will clean up this room  
and stick a letter on the door
"The grey man on number nine is dead 
His keys are on the floor"

’nd he is so glad that he loved you Tracey
Although he knows that you couldn’t live with him
But the moment that you’ve touched his face
Was such a moment that love begins

In this chair before the window
He often watched the stars
In our cold black universe 
Looking for a spark
Then het straightens his clothes
As if somebody calls
While his lips they seem to count
The rhythm of a waltz

He so glad that he loved you Tracey
Although he knows that people must forget
But it is real sad you’ve never been to places 
Like the one he’s seeing yet